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Rise and Shine

I had a dream last night…

I was married to a beautiful woman. We were sitting on the floor against the wall talking to our daughter on the phone who was in high school at the time. She was having a hard time at school with people picking on her and teasing her. She called her mother because she needed someone to talk to.  
I took the phone from my wife’s hand and told her a story of a girl. This girl came from a poor family and didn’t have money for nice clothes and the extravagant things her classmates had. She was constantly picked on and made fun of because of her outer appearance. Life wasn’t easy growing up for her.  
One day she decided to write little notes that she stuffed into her clothes, socks and shoes. Each note saying things like “I love you”, “you’re beautiful”, “you’re important” and “you matter”. Everyday when she put her cheap worn out clothes and she would read the notes she had written to herself and smiled. The notes reminded her that you don’t need others to know your self-worth. And everyday you would smile because she loved herself and defined herself by her own standards, not the standards of others. 
My wife begins to cry and embraces me as I finish the story and reveal to my daughter that the story is about her amazing mother. It was a story of her strength and inner-beauty that I fell in love with so long ago. I kissed her on her forehand as I hear my daughter crying over the phone.
 In that instant, I knew that I was never going to be the same without her. She was sick and didn’t have long to live but in her short life with us, she was able to impact me and my daughter in the most profound ways. Things would never be the same because we were stronger because of her love. 
The dreams ends there and I get out of bed with a smile. 

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Destination TBD

This year is my year of travel. I’ve been presented with an opportunity to explore without financial limits. The phrase “the world is your oyster” has never rang more true to me than it has today. A dear friend has given me the golden ticket. Carte blanche. The magic lamp. I am officially on my friend’s United Airlines fly list…

I really can’t describe how I feel but instantly San Francisco seems small to me. The once main attraction is now second fiddle to the world that I have yet to explore. Without monetary barriers, what excuses do I have? I am 29. I am single. I have a flexible job. What excuse do I have besides bad excuses like indecisiveness, fear or being “too busy”. 

My destination is to be determined but my will has been determined. My passport is renewed. My backpack is ready. I will see you world, show me everything I’ve been missing.

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I Am This Many :)

Another birthday passes bringing me a year away from the big three zero is cause for reflection. Reflecting with the hope that being a year older has made me a year wiser. A year smarter. A year kinder. A year more courageous. Aging without progression is like the mac without the cheese, it needs to come hand and hand.

I guess I will realize these evolutions in my persona in my actions of 29 year old Jeff. Will I learn from 28? Will I make the same mistakes? Will I take the risks 28 year Jeff was unwilling to?

It all remains to be seen but all I hope is that I progress as a friend, a brother and a son. A human being. Don’t let this be a year of mac without the cheese.

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If you’re unhappy, change. If you want change, work. Seek not to fulfill but go beyond expectations. We set our limits so want more and you will do more.